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Technical plastic parts for mechanical engineering and agricultural machinery

Injection molded parts made of high-performance thermoplastics can also be used economically in areas with smaller quantities. We supply a wide variety of manufacturers with technical plastic parts in the fields of mechanical engineering and industry, as well as agricultural machinery. Injection molded parts are suitable for extreme operating conditions – regardless of whether their focus is on high temperatures in dryers, or on wear resistance when used in construction or agricultural machinery.

High-performance materials for mechanical engineering and industry

The mechanical engineering and industry sector offers many possible uses for high-performance materials. The complex requirements necessitate a combination of outstanding properties in the materials used. We supply various extreme-stress components for textile and packaging machines, construction machinery and industrial trucks such as spindle nuts, bobbins, sliding pieces or bearings.

Injection molded parts for agricultural machinery

Agricultural machines play a very special role in our business. Due to their extreme specialization, expensive agricultural machinery is often used continuously. Reliability therefore plays a major role. So technical plastic parts made of particularly wear-resistant plastics, among other products, are required for this type of machinery.

In the field of agricultural machinery production, we offer manufacturers and suppliers with sealing rings for rotary oil feedthroughs and other tribological components. In addition, we have designed a tire pressure control system for this type of customer use, and it becomes possible to change the tire pressure while driving at full speed.

Advantages of high-performance materials

By using high-performance thermoplastics in various applications, customers have been able to significantly increase the availability of their agricultural machinery, and extend the number of required maintenance intervals.

When looking at agricultural systems, tasks can be combined into one component. The number of components in assemblies can thereby be reduced.

If you’re interested in technical plastic parts for mechanical engineering and industry, as well as agricultural machinery, please contact us. We offer you individual solutions, individual parts, and assembly for the entire system.