Individual high-performance plastic parts for the automotive industry

We have been supplying sealing rings for drive-train rotary oil feedthroughs for decades. We have supported our customers in switching from metallic seals to PTFE sealing rings, and later, to sealing rings made of high-performance thermoplastics. Today, we are one of the largest suppliers for these products. We provide OEMs and their suppliers in the automotive industry with various high-performance plastic parts for tribological applications.

Applications for high-performance materials in the automotive industry

Thanks to our positive experience with these materials, among other products, we now offer sealing rings, as well as a wide range of plastic parts for various applications.

High-load thrust washers or plain bearings are often made of plastics, but also self-grinding seals for turbochargers, which typically receive get the last percent of the performance of the whole unit, are part of our developments.

We supply insulators, bobbins and connector housings for hybridized and electric drive trains.
We have also developed a self-adjusting pressure piece for steering. The usual tolerance-related wear-and-tear does not occur, and the resulting noise is prevented.

Optimization of components for automotive

The automotive industry is very cost-sensitive, due to competitive pressure and larger product quantities. The use of injection-molded plastic parts in the automotive sector is not automatically cheaper than an existing solution, but if we have the opportunity to support you at an early stage of development, we can design the optimal components, minimizing material costs and various tasks that are usually integrated into one component.

We create high-performance plastic parts for your individual automotive requirements - from prototypes to finished components. Get in touch, and allow us to advise you on how we can help.

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