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Individual plastic components for commercial vehicles

High demands are made on commercial vehicles in terms of reliability and availability. The use of plastics in this often extremely loaded area, is therefore difficult to imagine for some individuals and businesses. These materials are often underestimated, especially with regard to mechanical strength or thermal resistance. But plastics can do a lot more than they are expected to do. The low weight, corrosion resistance and damping properties are just a few of the advantages over metallic materials, that are used in various applications.

If you are thinking of replacing metallic materials or want to improve the performance of plastic parts, let us help you in checking the feasibility and implementation. Due to our many years of experience in the use of high-performance materials, we are mainly represented in extreme-stress applications. Yet we realize individual plastic components for all commercial vehicles may suit your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your inquiries – we’ll be happy to help you.

And in the areas of drive-train mechanics, we can supply sealing rings (as well as internal sealing), for rotary oil feedthroughs, thrust washers for gears, plain bearings and other tribologically stressed components made from high-performance plastics.

For the areas of light commercial vehicles, we have also designed a self-adjusting pressure piece for steering. This greatly reduces wear-and-tear on the housing and pressure piece, and the resulting noise is eliminated.

Finally, we are also involved in the design of tire pressure control systems for the vehicle chassis. As your trusted partner for plastic parts made from high-performance materials, we are not limited to any certain product: We offer our customers products that are individually tailored to your requirements and provide advice based on our many years of expertise.

Advice on individual plastic components

We can look at any individual part, the assembly, or the entire system, in order to find and implement the best solution for your applications. The involvement in the early development stage helps with the optimal design of your necessary components and, can reduce overall costs.

If you have an idea for an application or need a solution to an existing problem – get in touch with us.