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Our production services

Injection molding

In our injection molding shop, currently equipped with 30 machines, we mainly process high-performance thermoplastics, such as Torlon® and PEEK, as well as other specialist materials.

Most of the machines are optimized for their processing. Digitally monitored ovens are available for subsequent heat treatment of components, which is necessary at times.

The in-house tool shop supports production by maintaining production tools, and enabling short delivery times for new buildings.

Direct Forming / Press sintering

As one of the last providers of direct forming, we offer our customers another opportunity to find solutions for problematic applications. Special PTFE compounds can be pressed into simple geometric shapes. After the subsequent sintering, any necessary machining steps follow - such as simple saw cuts, through to the machined lock geometry for sealing rings.

In addition, rods and tubes made of special PTFE compounds are manufactured in-house and further processed using turning technology. For example, on self-rubbing seals for turbochargers, to increase their efficiency.

Contact person Application Technology

Andreas Flint

Phone: +49 (0)2205 90494-25

Prototype production

In order to be able to fall back on near-series parts at an early stage of development, we offer various options for prototype production.

One way we do this is with quality parts added in series that can be manufactured inexpensively by injection molding, using inserts in our prototype tools. Another way we handle this is the possibility of using injection-molded blanks and machining to rework near-series prototypes without having to define the final geometry in a tool.

For individual parts or small quantities, we also offer a portfolio of injection-molded semi-finished products from which components can be manufactured, from various series materials with little machining effort.

Series production (small to large scale series)

GAPI Technische Produkte GmbH has been the point of contact for components made of high-performance thermoplastics in small- and large-scale production series for decades.

Injection molding is a very economical process for producing large quantities at low cost. In the area of high-performance materials, however, relatively small quantities can often be produced more cheaply than by machining semi-finished products.

Additive processes are rarely an alternative, because the choice of materials is very limited and the component quality is not always sufficient.

Module assembly

If required, we also offer the assembly of components, as it is possible to combine the component parts with our products, or to have them procured by us.