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Highly stressed plastic components for various industries


In the area of passenger car production, we provide OEMs and their suppliers with high stress components for steering, electric motors, powertrain systems (transmissions, clutches, turbochargers, vibration dampers), and automotive body. These include sealing rings for oil rotary unions (also internal sealing), thrust washers, plain bearings, abradable seals for turbochargers, as well as self-adjusting thrust pieces, insulators, coil formers, connector housings, quick-release fasteners, and connecting elements.

Utility vehicles

In the utility vehicle sector, we offer OEMs and their suppliers high stress components for powertrain systems (transmission, retarders), chassis and steering. These include sealing rings for oil rotary unions (as well as internally sealing), thrust washers, plain bearings, tire pressure control systems and self-adjusting thrust pieces. Our long experience enables us to support our customers in the development and use of polymer components in extreme applications.

Mechanical Engineering/Industry

We supply various extreme stress components for textile and packaging machines, construction machinery and industrial trucks, such as spindle nuts, coil formers, sliders and bearings.
In the field of agricultural machinery manufacturing, we provide manufacturers and suppliers with sealing rings for oil rotary unions and tire pressure control systems.


Because of our detailed attention on high performance thermoplastics and specialist materials, most of our products focus on areas of extreme loads.
The outstanding properties of our materials allow them to be used for tribologically high-stressed applications, or components that are used over wide temperature ranges.
In addition, they’re often superior to metallic materials and can solve specific problems in certain applications – We’ll be more than happy to advise you.